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Molly the Cat's ABC Wednesday Movie for the Letter D

Gidget . The Flying Nun . Sybil . Norma Rae . Smokey and the Bandit . Murphy's Romance . Punchline . Where the Heart Is . T hose are some of the TV shows and movies that starred, says Missus Lady, the spunky, good-hearted, awesomely talented, versatile, delightful Sally Field. They were all before my time. But, not this movie I'm talking about today.  I love Sally Field. She's a cutie, a darling, and a sweetheart . Like me. Purrrrrrrrr. Hello, My Name is Doris   (2016) Setting: New York City   Doris is a 60-something single, never-been-married, woman who had been living with her mother for maybe most, if not all, of her life. The story opens with us learning that Doris's mom recently passed away and being encouraged by her brother, and indecently urged by the brother's wife, to downsize their mother's belongings, which Doris ignores. Good for her! Doris has flights of fancy, s o she sometimes gets caught looking weird and goofy. Doris has a crush on John

Molly the Cat's ABC Wednesday Movie for the Letter C

Missus Lady can watch a great romance story over and over. And over again. I don't know how many times she has watched the different versions of Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre . She always stops at Two Weeks Notice , with Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant , when she's channel surfing and Hero Man is not sitting next to her. If he is, she grabs for the remote and flips to the movie during commercials. Hero Man is fine with watching any movie once. But, he might think differently about this week's movie pick that they both enjoyed. It's another British film, by the way. Cuban Fury (2014) Settings: Office and dance floor, somewhere in England. Bruce is 39 years old, shy, overweight, and unhappy, trudging from home to work to home day after day. At work he is hounded by his disgusting colleague Drew . If Bruce ever fought back, he w ould win .  Meeeeewwwwww! Bruce used to be full of energy and spirit when he was a youngster. He was in fact a junior salsa dan

Molly the Cat's ABC Wednesday Movie for the Letter B

The Humans watch a lot of British black comedies because the Missus Lady loves the quick, dry wit of the British writers. They don't even have to try to be funny, she says.  I don't know what she means. Purrrrrrr. I hear no complaints from the Hero Man so he must think the same way. The Legend of Barney Thomson (2015)   Setting: In and around Glasgow The Missus Lady says this film is wonderfully absurd. The main character is meek, bland barber Barney Thomson who has no customer service skills, so over the years he got pushed further into a corner where no customer wants to sit. One evening after the barber shop closes, Barney and the manager have a heart to heart about woeful Barney that ends in an inadvertent push and shove, the manager dead, and a finally living large Barney. It was an accident so why didn't Barney quipppp just say so instead of hiding the body? Hero Man says if that was the case, there would be no movie. Because the shop is shorthanded, Ba

Molly the Cat's ABC Wednesday Movie

The Humans in this household like to watch movies in the afternoon. Three or four times a week, they do. Their movies come in the mail in a red envelope. I like it when one comes because the Lady or the Hero Man holds up that something - red and announces gleefully, "We got a movie!" I heard the Lady say that she has seen so many movies she can't remember one from the next. A couple times they got a movie that they've already seen. But they don't seem to mind. The Hero Man lets the Lady choose the movies. She's purrrrrty even-handed, choosing a sci-fi movie for him for every girrrly movie for her. Both like comedies. Sometimes a movie ends and the Lady says, "That wasn't a comedy." The Lady decided to do a movie theme for the new round of ABC Wednesday, even creat ing a list of movies she might write about. But she ran out of steam. "You do it, Molly," she said. Mewwwwww. So I am. Here's my first pick. Purrrrrrr. Albert Nobb