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13 Things on My Desk That I Like

I've a lot of stuff on my desk. Who hasn't, right? Here are 13 things on my desk that I double like, no, make that triple,  quadruple like.

1. Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl action figure. She was a gift from the Husband, along with Woody and his horse one Christmas or birthday.

2. My tarnished sterling silver baby cup. I put paper clips and whatever else in it.

3. A coffee mug from Calavera Coffee. That's the specialty coffee shop in town owned and run by a kind-hearted and determined young man. He recently moved into his own store front. May he have the success he wants and more.

4. The Kanger survival multi-tool. The size of a credit card, this stainless steel thing has a knife, a sharpening tool, scissors, and a magnifying glass. It also has the ability to file fingernails, fasten flathead screws, measure things, and open cans and bottles. I think the Husband gave it to me to carry in my purse, but I could be wrong.

5. A solar calculator from the early 1980s. This was Mama&#…

The Very Young Butterfly Catcher

The story I was told.

She was a child.
Ang ubing. Maybe three, maybe four.

She had fallen ill.

Terribly sick.

"She pinched the air," said Lola Julia, "like she was catching butterflies."

- 30 -

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