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Seven Things to Do Before Summer Ends

It's time for me to make a list of all domestic diva things I want to accomplish this summer. Otherwise, I will just vaguely think about doing them, which in my world means "I'll do it tomorrow." As we all know, tomorrow really never comes.

I shall ring Tilda-Hilda's ding-a-ling bell and...and...and...proclaim my list of things I shall complete before the first day of Autumn.

1. Sew the Husband another tunic.

2. Sew myself a tunic.

3. Sew the Christmas vest for the Husband, which I said I would do....uhm, two Christmases ago.

4. Make lemon extract.

5. Make limoncello.

6. Make candied ginger.

7. Bake energy bars. So, Tilda-Hilda and I can pedal farther and further down roads.

I can do these seven things. I can!


  1. Go for it! I know you can because you are the might engine who could. Some of those lemons look a little wonky but good for making things...what is limoncello?

    1. The mighty engine? I don't know about that. Maybe I should bring Tilda-Hilda in the kitchen to supervise me. :-)

      Limoncello is a lemon liqueur that's popular in Italy. It's heavenly. The base is vodka. Lemon extract and limoncello are nearly the same recipe.

  2. YOU - can do a lot of interesting things. I'm impressed.

    1. Except for sewing the tunics, everything else will be first time for me. Well, I've sewn vests before, but not for the Husband. So, we shall see.


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