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A First: Painting in Oils

I got out of bed singing "one toke over the line", but I was not channeling the guys who originally sang it. Rather, I was singing while thinking of the singers who sang it on the Lawrence Welk Show.  Mr. Welk described the song as a "modern spiritual".  Uh-huh. Yep.

With that lively verse going over—and over—in my head, I decided that the agenda today is to put one foot in front of the other.  I speak metaphorically. Perhaps, though, I may just take a step out the door and go around the block. The Husband and I are going on a hike with some friends at the end of the month, so it would be a good idea to be a bit in shape for it. I'm counting the hike as one of my Doing 60 things.

Doing 60?  That's what I've called the challenge that my dear friend Jenn gave me as I approach 60 years old at the end of 2013.  I've already done a few. Just haven't written about any of the them, until now.

Last week, Jenn and several other young old fogey friends drove down to our town and joined the Husband and me in a creative adventure at a local artist's studio. Shannon Grissom, artist and songstress, recently opened her studio to the public once a week for young and old kids to play at being an artist. It was a fun, relaxing afternoon as our party drew, painted, and made collages. A few of us were hesitant at first, but the enthusiastic and encouraging Shannon took the wind out of our unsureness very quickly. (Here's the link about her Creative Escapes. It's something you might consider doing if you're in the area.)

For days, I thought about what I wanted to do. I kept coming back to painting with oils because I've never done it before and always wanted to. But, I also thought that because I had no idea what I would paint nor knew how to use oil paints, I'd be wasting Shannon's paints. Wrong. Shannon assured T (the other young old fogey who felt the same way) and me that would not happen. "The good thing about painting with oils is you don't need a lot." I found myself taking a smear here and a smudge there of paint and applying it with a not-a-care-in-the-world attitude to the canvas.

So, that up there is a photo of my first oil painting. It was all done with palette knives. What a joyful experience! Thanks, Shannon! And, thanks to the young old fogey friends and the Husband for such a fun day!

Don't go yet, dear readers. Here's a treat for you. The link to the Lawrence Welk singers belting out One Toke Over the Line.


  1. My Dear Su-siee
    There it is a thing of beauty forever for you to hang over your fireplace. This is sooo funny. My first oil painting (and close to my last) was done with palette knife too. The paint was probably 2 inches thick. Yours is a whole lot better. You did a great job with the mountains in the back. As I study your painting..... I see you have painted a gun in there. You know what that means.

    Enjoyed the Lawrence Welk song. His singers always looked so healthy and freshly scrubbed with wide-eyed wonderment. They always look ....... well, happy. And there was Myron too, always has that accordion around his neck. He looks happy too and Lawrence always looked happy.
    Happy March to you, husband and the Mama and Mollie, too.

    1. When I sat down to paint, I had a photo of a green hillside sparkled with golden poppies before me. That was my intention. But, just like I follow a recipe, modification and whimsy takes hold. I'm going to do it again, sooner than later.

      A gun? Don't see it. Maybe nature is burying it. :-)

      A Happy March to you, too, Manzi.

  2. Thank YOU Susie! Your painting is fabulous! Your group had the best vibes. Still smiling from the experience. And sweet Jesus, now I have One Toke Over The Line stuck in my head :O)

    1. The Mama, who is tight with her compliments, told me that my painting was beautiful. :-) I'm hoping I can get her to come with us to your studio one day. Who knows what hidden talents she has.

  3. Must not spend hours trying to find the gun, must not spend hours trying to find the gun, must not spend hours ...


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