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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Quick and Easy Fix

I forgot to buy a 2015 calendar for the Mama. I had planned to make her one again, but I thought about it too late to have it be delivered by the new year. I figured I'd print out the dates and attach the page to last year's calendar. On Sunday, I did that.

The Mama thought it was a new calendar.  Hmmmmm.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Home Improvement Project

The Husband and I stood in line at the big-box home improvement store. As we waited our turn, I watched the busy movement around us. All the lines were long, a given for a Saturday,  I suppose. Men and women pushed their carts forward in line, all heaped with lumber, sacks of soil, cans of paint, plumbing fixtures, and other large and bulky items for their DIY projects. 

Finally, it was our turn. The Husband placed his items on the counter—a tiny light bulb and two drawer knobs. The transaction was quick. As the cashier handed a tiny bag to the Husband, he said, "Enjoy your project."

The Husband still cracks up when he recalls that moment.
I'm participating in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge this month. To check out other participants, click here. See you tomorrow. 

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Handy Macs at Work

I got my front door key stuck in the lock yesterday.

I unscrewed the lock from the door last night.

That oil you use for sewing machines? I put a bit of that into the lock last night. Nothing.

"Did you fix it?" asked the Mama.

"Did you get the key out?" asked the husband.



In case you're pondering why the husband wasn't involved in figuring out how to remove the key from the lock, it's because I was bogeying the lock and he was washing dishes. I had handed it to him before he started the dishes. I needed him to use brute strength to jiggle out the key. He had success last week when his key got stuck in that same lock. But no such luck this time.

How did I get the key stuck in the first place?

"You used the wrong key," the Mama declared.

"Did you use the wrong key?" asked the husband.

Think, remember, recall. Yeah, I did.

I left the lock, with the key stuck in it, on the stairway stoop. I was very confident the house ghosties would work their magic so that I could pull out the key with a snap this morning.

The ghosties obviously had better things to do.

That dry graphite you use for unsticking things? I sprayed a bit. . .no, a lot. . .of that into the lock this morning. Nothing.

I took the lock apart before breakfast. All the tiny springs and solid bits ka-boinged out of the holes. That was fun.

My key is still stuck in the lock.

Three hours ago, we bought a new deadbolt lock.

An hour ago, the husband and I installed a new deadbolt lock. Yes, I let the husband have some fun, too.

I'm keeping the old lock. One of these days I will get my key out.