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Three days later, I'm ready to brag about my county fair ribbons. For some of them, I don't know if I would've won if there had been a lot more competition. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for all of them—four blue and one red ribbon in flower arrangements, one blue and one yellow ribbon in photography, and a white ribbon in wearable art. Whooo-hooo! My most unbelievable win was the blue ribbon for my dry floral arrangement in the Country Road Treasure class. You had to use objects found along the road as containers or accessories. I found a broken piece of PVC pipe with jagged edges along the road while the Husband and I were walking home. It was perfect. When friend Kathy saw my arrangement, she described it as modern minimalism. I was told that the arrangement received a lot of comments. Good or bad, I didn't ask.  You saw my Eiffel Tower martini glass arrangement already. If you haven't, click here .  These were my other flower arrangement entries.

Imitating -- Quack! Quack!

I simply stood there, mesmerized by the yellow duckies floating in a carnival booth at the county fair. I had no idea what the game was. I didn't even care since it probably meant having to pay five bucks to play it. Then I noticed a guy taking a photo of the duckies and walking away.  So, of course, I took a photo. Quack! Quack! That reminds me of when I was younger thing. A friend and I paddled a patched up rubber raft in a rubber ducky race. We were fortunate to make it to finish line without sinking.

Pigs are Flying

Over hurdles at the county fair, these sweet little cuties were. I was going to brag about my ribbons today. Napped instead. Whatever mild bug I caught several days ago is nearly gone. Maybe I'll show off tomorrow. 

Le Voiçi -- L'Eiffel Tower

On Monday I told you about my dry floral arrangement for the county fair. The photo shows my final result. How did I do? I won a blue ribbon for it.  Yup, yup, yup. You still can't see them, but there are tiny fake pearls, with red and green glass beads,  in the Eiffel Tower martini glass. They cover black stones that keep up the dry flowers. Tomorrow, I'll tell you more about the fair. I'm pooped.

On to Freedom

Hooking up with The Weekend in Black and White , a weekly photo meme hosted by the delightful Dragonstar. It has been a while for me. To participate or to check out other black and white photos by bloggers around the world, click here .

Taking a Trip to Buy Cat Food and Seeing Amazing Clouds

My Alphabe Thursday theme: Places I've Been The Husband and I drove over to the coast this afternoon to buy food for Molly the Cat. It was something neither of us wanted to do, but Molly ate her last can of food this morning. Yes, we have a very particular cat. She would rather go hungry then eat something that doesn't taste or smell good to her. But, Molly the Cat is not the story today. The clouds are the story. They were swimming, running, tumbling, dancing, and singing across the perfect blue sky. You see, it rained last night. Hallelujah! It rained throughout the night. Whooo-hooo! And it rained some this morning. Yippee!   All that wonderful rain left us with clear blue skies and whipped-cream like clouds. And, because the Husband was driving, I took photos. I was good at first, sitting primly (I heard that snort of a laugh) in my seat shooting photos through the passenger window and the windshield.  Before I knew it, I was leaning out the window.

Cows Outstanding in Pumpkins

I didn't know cows ate pumpkins. I wonder if they might like pumpkin pie. Moooooooooooo.  Click here to check out what Tuesday's like for bloggers from around the world.