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Another Glorious Morning

Happy Monday, Dear Readers! It's another glorious morning. There aren't many morning glories in the Mama's garden this year because of the drought. Those that managed to pop up are flourishing happily. They're all 11th generation volunteers. Today I'm participating in NatureFootstep's Catching the Light meme. Click here to join in or to check out photos by other participants.

Look What's Growing in the Mama's Garden Now!

The Mama can grow anything!

Molly the Cat is Five Years Old

This morning, Molly the Cat sat happily at the edge of the driveway, admiring the grass. She had not yet decided which blades to eat when she heard the growl of a truck. She went into a ready-mode attack pose. She watched the truck slowly make its way up the street and pass our driveway. "Beep! Beep!" The truck driver waved at us. Molly the Cat gave the truck and its driver her best stink eye. Today is Molly the Cat's birthday, according to the papers that came home with her. She's five years old.  Whoo-hooo! I wonder what she would like for her birthday.

Barbed Wire

Trivia about me: When I was in high school many, many, many years ago, I wrote a high school column called The Baling Wire for the local newspaper.  The high school mascot was/is a Haybaler. Baler for short. Not the machine, but the young farmer.    It's the Weekend in Black and White , hosted by Dragonstar.  Click here to see B&W photos by other participants from around the world.

Between Lovers Point and Cannery Row

My Alphabe Thursday theme—Places I've Been Lovers Point in Pacific Grove is about 1.25 miles to the west from Cannery Row in Monterey via the Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail. It's a fun, lovely trail to take however way you choose to travel it—walking, jogging, or pedaling a two-wheeler or a four-wheel surrey bike. Lovers Point is a popular city park and beach to both locals and tourists. It's a great place to picnic, stroll, swim, or simply sit and enjoy the amazing Monterey Bay views. When you're there, don't be surprised if you happen upon a wedding ceremony. The Husband and I walked the trail between Lovers Point and Cannery Row with friends on New Year's Day 2014. We started from Lovers Point, where we had a picnic and remembered our friend Charlie who had passed away the previous year. The walk back from Cannery Row was tough. My knee protested every step back. Thank goodness for the camera, which distracted me as I clicked away. L

Days 42 & 43 with Tilda-Hilda

The left knee flared up after last Wednesday's ride. By Friday I was feeling a lot of grouchy pain that I gave in and called the doctor. The earliest appointment was for this coming Friday. I suppose if I had cried, moaned, and demanded to see him sooner, the gatekeeper would've squeezed me in that day. Just as well. I prescribed my knee rest. The knee felt good yesterday, so the Husband and I pedaled our bikes around town (4.25 miles) to do errands. I did well, but the Husband had a spill. He has a beautiful egghead of a purple bruise on his shin. The poor guy! Oh, it felt wonderful to be out pedaling Tilda-Hilda this morning. I was good about not going far, but I was tempted. We pedaled 7.5 miles in 43 minutes. The bum knee had no problem. The other knee complained a bit. It's been overcompensating for the bummed one. I might as well present both knees to the doctor when I see him this Friday. Ah, the fun of the body growing older.

A Glorious Morning to You

Blue morning glory, hence Blue Monday . That's a blue-theme weekly meme hosted by Smiling Sally. Click here for more posts.