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Summer Domestic Diva Challenge -- One Down!

Ha! I completed  #4 on my list of seven things to do before the summer ends.  A jar of lemon peels covered with vodka is now sitting in the cupboard with the glasses. In four to six weeks, it will become lemon extract. I hope, I hope.  The first thing I plan to make with the stuff is lemon cookies. They were the first—and when I think of it, the only—cookies that the Mama baked when I was a small kid. They were perfectly round, golden, and yummily lemon flavored. I have yet to taste a lemon cookie that rivals my memory of the Mama's cookies.  If you're curious, this was my recipe, which I adapted from Mommypotamus's . Zested 9 medium lemons. Don't get any of the white peel.  Pla ce lemon strips in a jar and cover with about 1.5 cup of vodka.  Shake well, then put in a cupboard. The rest of the instructions are from Mommypotamus: Shake the mixture every day for a week.   Shake every so often for 4 to 6 weeks, which I shall translate as once every 3