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Sweet Rain

  Plop, plop, plop, plop, plop . . . . "It's raining." I said to the Husband. "It is? It is! The streets are wet." A few minutes later, no more plop sound. That was a couple of hours ago. It's still raining. Simply more gently. I don't even think it's raining until I happen to glance out a window. Last week we had our first winter storm. Have I said that before? By the second morning, the little red wagon was overflowing with water. Amazing! I heard a weather guy say that we made up to 40-something percent of the normal annual average just in that first storm. A few more storms like that and we may not have a drought year. Hoping for the best.

Joyful Rain

 See the white streaks in the photo? They aren't scratches.  That's rain! Our first rain of the winter, and if the weather guys are correct, we'll be enjoying rain off and on for the next week. Whoooo-hooooo!