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An Unexpected Hug

This morning I heard the happy sound of a young girl running about outside. The voice was unfamiliar. It turned out the sweetness belonged to the niece of our new neighbor.

Sometime later while the Husband and I were talking with the new neighbor's dad, this little girl, who could've been between five and seven, came running up to us. She wore a sweatshirt with the words Crazy Cute. That she certainly was. She zigged behind her grandfather when she didn't recognize us, which I thought was a darling move.

The Husband and I eventually met the new neighbor, his mom, his brother, and his brother's son and the Crazy Cute daughter. As we said our good-byes, Crazy Cute daughter came into the center of us taller people, waving to us. I waved back. Then all of a sudden, she ran over and hugged me. Everyone was as surprised as me.

Today—two days later—I'm hooking up with the participants at Warm Heart Wednesday, hosted by Jenny Matlock of Off on My Tangent. Click hereto re…