Monday, March 20, 2017

First Day of Spring 2017

The Mama's purple daisies.
Molly the Cat was right (See yesterday's post).

Primavera. Earrach. Jaro. Molla. Musum semi. Spring!

Our first late afternoon of Spring began with a gentle rain. I got a few plants and a bunch of seeds into the ground just in time. Hurrah!

Here's a little bit of what Spring looks like around our house.

Asian pear blossom.

Volunteer lupine.

Domesticated mustard (not at all tasty like wild mustard).

Check out what's going on with other bloggers around the world at Our World Tuesday. Here's the link. Happy Spring, One and All!


  1. These pictures are so pretty. I love looking at them since it is dreary and grey here.

  2. Spring around your house sure looks beautiful ~ Gorgeous macro floral shots ~

    Wishing you a Peaceful week ~ ^_^

  3. The purple blooms are my favorite! So lovely!

  4. Wow - so gorgeous! We celebrated with snow... ;-)

  5. Oooooh, Awwww . . . I'd rather these views than fireworks any day . .
    lovely. thank you.

  6. Such beautiful bright spring flowers! I can't wait for my blooms to beginning coming up, but that will happen later, in June.

  7. Hurrah indeed for a burst of Spring - lovely pics!
    Wren x

  8. Here's hoping coming weather reports match the date on our calendars and your pretty pictures of Spring!


Thanks for the good cheer. :-)