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A Happy Packhorse

I’ve been the packhorse of the household these last few weeks. I’m not complaining, simply stating a fact. We’re temporarily carless, so we’ve been walking and taking the bus for errands, and because the husband’s shoulder is still on the mend, I’ve been the carrier of goods with my old workhorse of a purple daypack. Olé!  I got to wondering what are the attributes of a good packhorse, whether a human, donkey, snail, or other animal. 1) Not a wuss. 2) Stubborn. 3) Keep on keeping on. 4) Resolve. 5) Happy feet. 6) When there’s a will, there’s a way. 7) Determination. 8) Entertains oneself while chugging onward. 9) Mindfulness. 10) Positive. 11) Willingness. 12) Self-motivated. 13) Looking forward to the yummy carrot at the end of the trail.  It’s day 55 of my countdown. Being a packhorse right now is a good thing, as it helps me build up physical and mental strength and endurance. As for any pain, I can imagine flicking it away with my imaginary packhorse tail. It’s a long one, too. 🙃