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Molly's Monday #2

My adoption papers say that I was born on August 8, 2010. That means I'll be turning eight on Wednesday. Three cheers for me: Miao! Miao! Miao! For my birthday: I wish the day to not be too hot.  I wish to hang outside most of the day.  I wish tasty food for my meals.  And, I wish Hero Man and Missus Lady to stay home and be available to cater to all my needs.  That's my birthday wishes. Purrrrrrrrrr.  This is me 6 years ago when I adopted Missus Lady, Hero Man, and Little Old Lady. Almost right away, my Humans let me explore the outdoors. At first they followed me to make sure I didn't go outside our property lines.   I miss hanging out with Little Old Lady. What's the big deal with these computers? They took out the shed so I have nothing to climb anymore. See you next Monday.

Cutie Coffee Cozies for Us

Closed eyes no more. Time to be responsible, my aching knees.  ~ Su- sieee ! Mac That was my pronouncement to myself this morning. Neither The Husband nor Molly the Cat heard, so you, dear readers, are my witnesses. I am going to do my best to go through, organize, and throw out the piles of papers and boxes of stuff that are in this house, as well as "do" instead of "thinking about doing" something fun and creative for no reason at all. Yes! In that second regard, I am happy to say I made something yesterday evening. Actually two somethings—those coffee cup cozies you see in the above photo. Sewing them was easy-peasy. Unlike the first time, a bunch of years ago, when figuring how to do it completely stumped me. I was sweating bullets while stitching it on the machine. Sweating bullets, what an image! We've been getting coffee to go lately so cardboard coffee sleeves have been collecting in our car. We don't remember until we get back into t

You Win Some, You Lose Some

In yesterday's post , I mentioned that I decided to accompany the Husband into the Big Store in Our Town to pick up his prescription because a guy was yelling in the parking lot. Inside the store, I said, "Go ahead. I'm going to take my time." "I won't take long," he said. "I'll be on the main aisle. You'll see me when you walk back."  Off the Husband went. There wasn't much to see, and I was nearing the aisle to the pharmacy. Ecco! Notebooks for sale. I didn't need a notebook, I told myself, as I picked up the bright mustard yellow covered one.  Ooh la! Oh, mio! The sign said .25 per notebook! I might as well get two. This red one is cute. Heck, if the next one is blue, I'll buy it. Now holding three notebooks, I convinced myself that if the cover of the next notebook is green, I shall buy it. Ecco! Four notebooks for a dollar. Does anyone else think that's a greater than great value? Thank you, Big S

Remembering the Mama #1

A guy was yelling angrily in the parking lot at someone we couldn't see. We parked next to the building, a good distance away. Yet, we heard him yelling. So I changed my mind about waiting in the car while the Husband fetched his prescription from the pharmacy. "Good idea," said the Husband. "We're starting to be like Mama," I said. "She was scared to sit alone in the parking lot." "Remember that time I sat in the car with her." I can't remember where or why we stopped, only that it was towards the end of shopping in another town with the Mama who was too tired to get out of the car one more time. When the Husband offered to sit in the car with her, she gave no protest. Settled. Both looked quite content waiting in the car. What a guy, I married. Lucky me. Lucky Mama.

Sun-Filled Thistles

  "I've got the sun in the morning and the moon at night. . . . I'm doing all right" ~ Irving Berlin I'm linking up with the monthly photography meme Wandering Camera hosted by Soma Acharya of Whims and Fancies . Click here to learn more about the meme and to check out other participants.

D is for Don't Worry about the Dog

My theme for #23 Round of ABC Wednesday: Signs & Such of San Benito County, California This warning sign hangs in the window of one of the tattoo and piercing shops in town. To check out ABC Wednesday , click here . For this week's participants, click here for the list of participants.  Thank you, ABCW Team!

A Heart Full of Cherry Tomatoes

Giggle. If only that Girl had joined us in the picture. Molly the Cat happily watched from the sidelines. She said she only works on Mondays for the blog.  Oh-oh. What can she mean? Will she not let me write or show photos of her on non Mondays? Cosa sara. As Doris Day used to sing, "Que sera, sera." Here's a close-up of the cherry tomatoes that I picked this morning. They are sweet as candy. Time for Our World Tuesday . Here's the link to check out participants from around the world, and maybe to join up yourself. Thanks, Our World Tuesday hosts!