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Sun-Filled Thistles

"I've got the sun in the morning and the moon at night. . . .
I'm doing all right" ~ Irving Berlin
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D is for Don't Worry about the Dog

This warning sign hangs in the window of one of the tattoo and piercing shops in town.

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A Heart Full of Cherry Tomatoes


If only that Girl had joined us in the picture. Molly the Cat happily watched from the sidelines. She said she only works on Mondays for the blog.  Oh-oh. What can she mean? Will she not let me write or show photos of her on non Mondays?

Cosa sara. As Doris Day used to sing, "Que sera, sera."

Here's a close-up of the cherry tomatoes that I picked this morning. They are sweet as candy.

Time for Our World Tuesday. Here's the link to check out participants from around the world, and maybe to join up yourself. Thanks, Our World Tuesday hosts!

Il Lunedi di Molly la Gatta


Sono Molly la Gatta. Molly the Cat, I am, to the rest of you.

Missus Lady said if I wanted to write Monday posts, have at it. Quindi eccomi qui. So here I be. For as long as I want, I shall be Monday's guest blogger on The View from the Top of the Ladder. (It's time for a new name, agree?)

Meow. Or, should you prefer, miao.

Have you read any Italian words so far? Sorry. Scusa. That's the Missus Lady inserting Italian words as I dictate to her. 

Missus Lady is learning Italian in a very disorderly way. Does she sign up for a class or listen to tapes? No (same in Italian, by the way a proposito, lo stresso in Italiano). When she remembers she wants to learn Italian, she finds an online translator thing and keys in English phrases. Then she says the Italian version a few times,  causing Hero Man, should he be in the office, to ask, "What are you saying over there?"

Hero Man is learning Italian, too, but he waits until the Missus Lady tells him what words…

Another Lazy Summer Sunday

I haven't had breakfast yet and I'm already thinking nap time. Molly the Cat and I woke up early today. Soon after sunrise.

And, it felt cool. That's a good thing.

It's been hot, I tell you. Maybe not as hot as where you are, but scorchers for us.

It got comfortable yesterday evening. You should've seen Molly. She scampered around the house, jumped on couches, sniffed in corners, and swished around our legs to see what we were doing. Her appetite came back. It was nice to see, after days of her lying like a rag on the floor next to an open window.

This morning, she popped upstairs and jumped on the bed. I pretended to be asleep so I could watch her try to sleep, or maybe stay awake. Whenever she seemed to nod off, she opened her eyes and looked around her. A couple times I closed my eyes only to open them moments later to see her looking at me. Ah, restlessness! We didn't even have to tiptoe away from the happily heavily snoring Husband.

Downstairs, Molly and I…

Painting within the Lines, Kinda

Was it last year that I painted the first of these wall plaques that the Mama had, but did not display, for over 40 years? A couple weeks ago, I finished painting the last of them.

I don't know if painting is the exact term. Maybe it's coloring with paints. Anyway, now what shall I do with them?

Getting a Job

I don't recall what got me thinking this morning about jobs that I sought for which I was underqualified. Not having a necessary skill or two or sufficient work experience didn't stop me from trying. You never know was my motto back then. Someone may be willing to give me a chance. After all, back then, the first few weeks or months on a job was as a probationary employee. 

In the late 1970s, I applied for a secretarial position for which I had the work experience and all the skills but one. Shorthand. I thought I could get by with my ability to take notes quickly, along with having a strong memory. Cocky young me. I had no idea I needed to take a shorthand test. Did I give up and walk away? Of course not. I'd driven all that way to apply for the job. If anything I would experience what a shorthand test entailed, and that's what I got.

About five years later, after having earned a teaching credential in secondary education and a few years working with at-risk youth in…