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Ride Along with Me

Yippeee! One more week to go with the 30-day health challenge.

Have I lost weight? I don't know. I decided not to weigh myself when I started because I get very disappointed that I've lost only half-a pound or gained 2 pounds when I think I must've lost a gazillion pounds. Both the Husband and the Mama said I looked smaller today. 

This past week I was missing bread. Rice or quinoa with peanut butter, pesto, or brie doesn't quite do it. Next week, I'll be searching for sourdough bread and maybe jalapeño tortillas. Not to worry, I won't go overboard. I decided to do an additional two weeks, but I'll modify the challenge by allowing myself to eat one kind of floured item each day, if I feel like it.

My workouts changed this week. One morning, I woke up feeling too tired to bicycle so later that day I walked. I don't like walking because my knees hurt afterwards, which the Husband says is because I don't pick up my knees.  That day I discovered if I used my core (meaning suck in my gut), swung my arms, and swayed my hips (as in doing the hula), I propelled forward without putting a lot of pressure on my knees. My pace was also a bit quicker. After the workout, I decided to do more walking. If there was a public pool available, I'd add swimming to the mix, too.

We've had very foggy mornings the last few days. How foggy? You couldn't see the nearby mountains. So that meant it wasn't safe for me to bicycle. It also meant I ate breakfast before rather than after my workouts. I definitely had more energy. Interestingly, I felt hungry more often throughout the day though today the feeling wasn't as strong. Maybe my body is just adjusting.

Today, Tilda-Hilda (my pretty pink bike) and I accomplished another goal. We biked 15 miles. Up and down. Down and up. Whooo-hooo! Here's a segment of our ride, if you're interested in coming along on the bumpy ride with me.


  1. 15 Miles!! That is great! Good for you!! I have to say your area looks quite dry and the road looks like in need of repair:) I think you are doing a fabulous job and commend you on your diligence. The winds sounded like claps of thunder there a couple of times

    1. Ah, if only it was thunder with lots of rain. I can't recall the last time I've seen the area this dry. The road turned out to be worse on the other side of the valley. Bumpity-bumpity-bump. I appreciated the drivers who went around me. Of course, they then got to ride on the smooth side of the other lane. :-)

  2. Bravo!!!!!

    Weighing never works 'cos we 're changing the density of our body tissues. ( from fat to muscles) I think changing shapes, muscle definition, is far more telling.

    1. Merci beaucoup. :-) I do love seeing my thighs getting less flabby.

  3. Dang! Go you! That's amazing! I'm so impressed!

  4. That is an impressive travelogue ride. How do you hold the camera and steer the bike too. I can see it pays to be on a road without traffic. What do they use all that land for? Do they raise cattle and it's grazing land. It looks like parts of Montana. I love love love bread and butter but I'm trying to make seed breads. I made a bread of quinoa and millet and it was delish toasted. Sourdough is usually my favorite too. Nice to talk to you again.


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