Thursday, May 10, 2018

Happy Day, Oh, Happy Day

My window of opportunity to not be a procrastinator is about two hours, which is between getting out of bed and the sound of the Husband grinding coffee beans for breakfast. I like to use that time for working in the yard, front and/or back. This morning, for instance, I began with watering the volunteer vegetables—two zucchini plants, one bean plant, four or five tomato plants, and another four or plants that have yet to show themselves as really being tomatoes. 

That done, Molly the Cat (the supervisor, as many of you know) and I moseyed to the front yard. Because the Husband will be watering it this afternoon my goal was to sow sunflower seeds here and there, as well as put the geranium plants that we bought last week into the ground. The geraniums took my attention first. Just in time, too. Their leaves had begun to wither. Before I could plant them, I had to rake the dried leaves and pull out weeds out of their new home. Spent poppies were also removed which meant snapping off sturdy seed pods.

I was cleaning up my mess when I heard the Husband call out from the front door. "Hey, you! Would you like pancakes?"


"I'll get started then."

What a treat, huh? I like pancakes but I don't like to make them. So glad am I that the Husband does.  This morning he looked so cute in his green tee-shirt and cut-off plaid shorts standing by the stove and counting in his head as a pancake sizzled in the pan. The Husband uses a pancake mix. Unlike me, he follows instructions, including measuring precise amounts and turning pancakes per recommendation. Today's pancakes—triple yummmmmm. The best he has made so far.

After breakfast, which was about 11:30 a.m., I made myself go out in the back and put the two Albion strawberry plants into their new home, the water cooler that the Husband won a few years ago from Walgreen's when it opened in town. The Husband filled the cooler with dirt from the yard three days ago. After deeply watering the soil, I thought I'd let it adjust to its new home, too, before the plants went into it.

The strawberry plants seem to like their new home and companions. What do you think?

The clock on the computer says it's 1:37 p.m. I have yet to toss sunflower seeds in the front, wash a load of laundry, write to a couple of friends, and sweep the kitchen floor. All things that I think I must do today. What I probably won't do today is take my 6-week eyeglass prescriptions to the nearby optical shop. Nor will I rearrange the cups and glasses in the kitchen so I can clear the glassware on the table I use for sewing projects, which have been waiting for the last several months.

Yeah, that's retirement mode for me right now. Life is grand. :-)

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

RIP Rhonda, A Rebel of A Raccoon

Cheers to Steve Arevalo, Big-hearted Teddy Bear of a community activist! May his spirit soar in joy and peace throughout the Universe!
This story is for you, Steve.

Agathe the Aardvark stood at the podium, looking out at the enormous room filling up quickly with Rhonda the Raccoon's family,  friends, and colleagues. All the bayside windows and doors were wide open for Rhonda's ocean friends to be part of the memorial. Agathe listened to snippets of conversation among sniffles and loving laughter:

"We could always count on sweet  Rhonda."

"I hope she bit him deep and hard, I do."

"If only she didn't have such a temper."

"That evil man deserved what he got. Rescinding environmental regulations, poo!"

"The Humans should be thankful Rhonda's last words were for us to stand down and not seek revenge."

"Brava, Rhonda!"

Agathe turned to the portrait of Rhonda hanging over the stage. She will miss her dark-eyed friend,  her radiant smile and resplendent heart. One of a kind, Rhonda was, thought the aardvark, always standing up for civil rights and justice. Agathe's soul ached as she glanced at a few of Rhonda's  handmade signs on display.

He may be a WH Resident,



Agathe chuckled. A rebel always in everything. She recalled Rhonda's last words to her. "Be sure to dance a rambunctious rhumba for me at Winnie's and Thomas' wedding, dear."

Clang, clang, clang, clang. clang, clang. . . .

Agathe picked up her bell on the podium and joined all the animals who held up their bells proudly and gladly with hands, paws, mouths, or tails. Five minutes later, the bell tolls dissolved into a reverent silence for their Rhonda. The aardvark took a deep breath and led the audience into singing Rhonda's favorite song.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Head Turners in the Yard!

Oh me, oh my. The sights Molly the Cat and I saw this morning in the front yard.

For one, that fly pollinating the daisies. Until a few years ago, I had no idea flies were pollinators, too.
Flower flies are what they're called in general. Some of them have torsos that resemble bees or wasps. I wonder how many times we've said, "Look a bee!" and it was really a flower fly. Experts say that flower flies don't sting. Hurrah! These flies also love to eat aphids and scales. Thank you, much.


Most of the pink pompom poppies have shedded their petals. I think the pods are also cool to look at and go wowza! over. While the blooms make me think of the fluffy hats that comedian Phyllis Diller wore, the poppy pods remind me of ancient Greek soldiers in their Corinthian helmets.


I was hoping that the unknown thing growing at the edge of the geranium spread would be bamboo. Nope. The nearly 4-foot plant is a wild celery plant with only one stalk. That's right, a singular stalk. Solamente uno. What if it grew to be as tall as Jack's beanstalk? Golden goose, here Molly the Cat and I come. The Husband shall be waiting at the base, ready to hack away with the axe.

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Monday, May 7, 2018

Thinking Back on the Blogging A to Z April 2018 Challenge

This was my fourth year of participating in the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge. The last time was in 2015. It's always good to take a break from something intense for whatever reason.

Back in October, 2017, I challenged myself to do a daily post for at least a year, so taking on the April challenge wasn't going to be a big deal. From my experience with the other three challenges, I knew the following:
  • I wanted to spend time visiting blogs rather than writing posts.
  • My blog was not going to suddenly explode with traffic because of the challenge.
  • It's best to have a theme for focus, ease, and efficiency for me.
  • My posts need to be short and sweet.
So, here's what I did for this year's challenge:
  • I recycled the Jane Austen, Action Doll theme that I did for a weekly ABC meme a few years ago.
  • I visited every participant on the Master List, starting backwards from #697. I didn't visit the list daily, but when I did, I checked anywhere from 20 to 50 blogs on a given day. I managed to visit everyone on the Master List by the last day of the Challenge.
  • If a blog showed no entry for the Challenge or the last entry was several days old, I moved on without checking what the blogger was about. Six hundred ninety-seven participants, remember.
  • I commented on many of the blogs that I visited. About halfway through the Challenge, I thought to add my blog's link with my comment.
  • I kept a list of blogs to which I wanted to return and visit further.
What I thought about this year's challenge:
  • Because I pre-scheduled my posts before the Challenge started, April was almost like a vacation from blogging for me. 
  • Curiously, traffic to my blog was less than in previous years which had me wondering now and then if I was using the wrong list. Oh, well. If I were in a different frame of mind, I could have been discouraged about completing the Challenge.   
  • It really doesn't matter if I left my blog's link on my comment. People who are inclined to visit others will do so with or without the link. 
  • In past Challenges, I visited categories that interested me. I'm glad I tossed that strategy aside to visit all blogs, otherwise, I wouldn't have come across a great number of wonderful storytellers who weaved their tales through words and/or images.
All in all, the best part about this Challenge is visiting blogs and learning stuff I would not have ever known to learn about.

From Jane Austen the Action Doll and me, Thank you, Blogging A to Z April 2018 Challenge hosts!

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Molly the Jumping by Golly





Molly the Cat soars at least one foot high and about 1.5 feet over the alyssum flowers blocking the path.

"Don't close the door, Missus Lady!" says the scurrying Molly. "I'm going in, too."

Soon, I'll be pulling or trimming the spent poppies, then Molly can choose to zig to the side rather than hop over the flowers.

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