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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Stanley the Salsa King

"¡Hola, Señors, Señoras, y Señoritas! ¡Bienvenido!" said the colorfully dressed instructor perched on top of a very tall stool.  Welcome, One and All, to El Studio de Salsa, Samba, So Forth and So On."

The snail spoke clearly, boldly, and charmingly for all the larger animals to hear. "Me llamo Stanley, the Salsa King.  In six weeks time, you all will be dancing the salsa, samba, rumba, cha cha cha, and merengue at Thomas' and Winnie's wedding reception."

Lemon meringue pie?" Guy perked up, bringing Charlie the Camel out of his reverie to nearly stumble over the alligator. "Dude!"

Edwina the Egret sighed while Agathe the Aardvark rolled her eyes. The other animals giggled and snickered.

"You are all nervous, no?" asked Stanley the Snail.

"Yes!" his students said in unison.

"Good, good. Let us channel that nervousness. I want you all to close your eyes, listen to this Eddie Palmieri song, and simply let your body sway and stomp to the music." The Salsa King looked around the room, making eye contact first with the future bride and groom, then with each of their friends.

"Take a deep breath. Another. And, another. Ready? Let us feel the music!"

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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

RIP Rhonda, A Rebel of A Raccoon

Cheers to Steve Arevalo, Big-hearted Teddy Bear of a community activist! May his spirit soar in joy and peace throughout the Universe!
This story is for you, Steve.

Agathe the Aardvark stood at the podium, looking out at the enormous room filling up quickly with Rhonda the Raccoon's family,  friends, and colleagues. All the bayside windows and doors were wide open for Rhonda's ocean friends to be part of the memorial. Agathe listened to snippets of conversation among sniffles and loving laughter:

"We could always count on sweet  Rhonda."

"I hope she bit him deep and hard, I do."

"If only she didn't have such a temper."

"That evil man deserved what he got. Rescinding environmental regulations, poo!"

"The Humans should be thankful Rhonda's last words were for us to stand down and not seek revenge."

"Brava, Rhonda!"

Agathe turned to the portrait of Rhonda hanging over the stage. She will miss her dark-eyed friend,  her radiant smile and resplendent heart. One of a kind, Rhonda was, thought the aardvark, always standing up for civil rights and justice. Agathe's soul ached as she glanced at a few of Rhonda's  handmade signs on display.

He may be a WH Resident,



Agathe chuckled. A rebel always in everything. She recalled Rhonda's last words to her. "Be sure to dance a rambunctious rhumba for me at Winnie's and Thomas' wedding, dear."

Clang, clang, clang, clang. clang, clang. . . .

Agathe picked up her bell on the podium and joined all the animals who held up their bells proudly and gladly with hands, paws, mouths, or tails. Five minutes later, the bell tolls dissolved into a reverent silence for their Rhonda. The aardvark took a deep breath and led the audience into singing Rhonda's favorite song.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

The Quintessential Duo — The Quokka & The Quoll

"Tall and tan and young and handsome. . ." sang Quinn the Quokka.

Quaid the Quoll cleared his throat mighty loudly. The quokka stopped singing and raised a questioning eyebrow at her fellow marsupial. She had to be careful what she said next to the carnivore.

"This Honalee Bay Aquarium & Gardens place wants two animal per letter, right? We've got it made, Sheila," said Quaid. "All we gotta do is show up at the auditions. You're the cutest thing in the world. Who wouldn't want you? And who wouldn't want tough quagmire me."

Quinn sighed. "One, I would rather be picked for my talent than my cuteness. Two, I have a name. Three, the talent scouts plan on stopping in Central America."

"So, Quinn?"the quoll asked, emphasizing the quokka's name.

"There's a chance they've already decided on that quirky quetzal bird. I'm sorry, Quaid, but I must be chosen. My mate Winnie's getting married at Honalee Bay in June. If I can get there, I'm one of her bridesmaids."

Quaid clicked his teeth in thought. Quinn made ready to run in case it meant he was hungry.

"Shei...Quinn, I want to go to this Honalee Bay place, too. It serves up the best grub in the world, I've heard."

Quinn gulped. She tried not to quake as she stood.

Quaid shook his head. He quick stepped near her, licking his lips. "It's the only way."

"What is?" Quinn asked, edged away in what she hoped was nonchalance.

"We need to be the quintessential duo of Q's!"

Quinn smiled. "What do you suggest?"

"What we do best—sing! Except we sing two different songs at the same time," said Quaid. "While you sing 'Boy from Ipanema', I sing 'Mighty Quinn'."

"Hmmm, that would definitely be original," said Quinn, trying not to roll her eyes.

"Okay, then, on three," Quaid said, "One, two, three. Come all without, come all within. . . ."

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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

What Ya Doing, Buddy?

The orange cat looked down at me from his frozen perch on the neighbor's pergola.

"What are you doing up there?" I asked, pulling my camera out of my pants pocket. You never know when a photo opp appears.

The orange cat stared at me, seeming to say, "You don't see me here."

Squawk! Squawk! Squawk!

A blue jay flew from the neighbor's roof into the neighbor's tree. Oh. The cat was what that bird's problem is.  I wondered how long the cat had been up there.

Squawk! Squawk! Squawk!

"You're not going to get that bird from there," I said.

"That's what you think," said the orange cat. "Be gone now."

So, I went.

Now that the April blogging challenge is over, I'm back to my regular stuff of nothingness. Thanks, Jane Austen, Action Doll, for taking over last month. If you want to read her doings, click here.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Pauly the Pademelon, Where are Ya?

Hello Visitors from the Blogging from A to Z April 2018 Challenge. This post is for the weekly ABC Wednesday. You can find the letter V post for the April Challenge here.

"Do you see him?" asked Iago the Iguana.

"Just Thomas and the other guys searching," said Ghandi the Giraffe. "Filemon and Bubba are passing back and forth above the woods to the south and Thomas, Charlie, and Guy are on the path to the beach. Dicky and Danny are prancing around in the water. I don't know how that's going to find Pauly."

"Do you think we should go down there?"

The giraffe shrugged as he bent to snack on the greenery beside him. "Yummm." He swallowed a mouthful of leaves. "The perfect green food for a pademelon is plainly up here." Ghandi paused and sniffed the air. "I think Pauly is hiding up here."

Iago picked at the leaves hovering near the rock on which he was perched.  "Good stuff," he mumbled.

The two friends ate in peace, forgetting their mission. Suddenly Iago sat up straight. "Did you hear that?"

"I hear lots of sounds," said Ghandi.

"It sounded like a snort followed by a snicker."

Ghandi shook his head. "Why is it so important that we find Pauly today?"

Iago scratched his side. "Thomas says Pauly reset a pearl ring for him, which he wants to give to Winnie tonight. Some predators were sniffing Pauly's home this morning so he took off hiding. I don't blame him."

"Poor dude," said Ghandi. "Come on, then, let's keep searching."

"Pauly! Pauly!" the two friends shouted. They made so much noise, they didn't hear the "Hello" in the brush behind the rock that Iago sat on.

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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Where is the Cat?

Hello Visitors from the Blogging from A to Z April 2018 Challenge. This post is for the weekly All Seasons. You can find my posts for the April Challenge here.

Ayan ti pusa? Molly?

¿Donde esta el gato? Molly?

Je, paka ni wapi? Molly the Cat?

Dov'e il gatto? Molly!

'Auhea ka pipi? Mol-ly?

Ca bhfuil  an cat? Molly.

Kedi nerede? Molly.

Ou est le chat?  There she is!

Sweet Molly the Cat!

What do you want, Missus Lady? Purrrrrrrrrrr.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Ofelia the Octopus, The Marriage Officiant

Hello Visitors from the Blogging from A to Z April 2018 Challenge. This post is for the weekly ABC Wednesday. You can find the letter P post for the April Challenge here.

"Go forward with joy, love, peace, and happiness," said Ofelia the marriage officiant. "I now pronounce you wife and husband, husband and wife."

In the side rows near the bay, Agathe, Edwina, Hazel, Davey and Judge Jennifer sighed in unison as they applauded loudly for the young wedded couple. Hazel the Hammerhead Shark and Davey Daffodil the Dolphin trilled Hurrah, Hurrah as they jumped in and out of the water.

"Dears," said Agathe the Aardvark, shaking her body of water, "I did not bring my umbrella."

"Sorry!" Hazel and Davey said, balancing on their fins. "We'll head over to the wet zone. See you at the reception."

Edwina the Egret contemplated flying with the sea animals, thinking perhaps Iago the Iguana may be there. Agathe nudged her, as she said,"Come back, come back from where ever you are."

"Oh, that was a delightful ceremony," said Edwina. "No overbearingness nor overcloyingness. No obsolete notions. No omission of wonder."

Judge Jennifer the Jack Rabbit jumped in, "Precisely what I was saying to Agathe. Don't you think Ofelia would be the perfect officiant to marry Thomas and Winnie?"

Edwina looked at Agathe. A barely obvious nod assured Edwina of her answer. "Let's go ask Winnie and Thomas then."

"I see them over there with Charlie the Camel and Guy A. Gator," said Agathe, heading in their direction.

"Oh my." Edwina giggled. "Listen to Charlie and Guy crying."

"They get that way at weddings," said Judge Jennifer.

Agathe sighed. "I knew I should've brought my umbrella."

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Nfinity x 3 Security

Hello Visitors from the Blogging from A to Z April 2018 Challenge. This post is for the weekly ABC Wednesday. You can find the letter J post for the April Challenge here.

Their giggles burst into guffaws and laughs straight from their guts.

"Oh my, oh my, oh my," Agathe the Aardvark said, tears running down her face as she stomped her front right paw. Judge Jennifer the Jack Rabbit bounced about the meadow while Bingo Byrd, Edwina the Egret, and Filemon the Flying Squirrel fluttered and soared above them. It was a wonder they didn't bump into each other and fall into one symphony of joy.

Finally the friends hiccupped their madness into happy sighs, as they situated themselves in blissfully relaxed poses on the grass.

"What do you think about them for Winnie's and Thomas' wedding?" asked Agathe. The aardvark was the wedding organizer and today she had the help of several of her friends to decide the matter of security. She read the brochure out loud again, "Nfinity x 3 Security. We offer guard, personal protection, private investigation, and bail bond services. No job too small, but only so big."

"They look too cute to halt an animal with a don't-you-dare command or a sweet jab to the left," said Bingo, eyeing the photo on the brochure.

"Let me see that photo again," Judge Jennifer said, leaning closer to the brochure. "A narwhal, a nyala, and a Napoleon mastiff.

"A bar joke without even trying," said Filemon. "Don't even need a punchline!"

The friends peeled into laughter again.

"I like the looks of them," said Edwina. "Honest smiles. Bingo's right. They look like they can't hurt a flea."

"These guys are good. I've seen them in action. Mellow, easy-going on the outside, but they put and keep everything and everyone in place that needs to be." Agathe pointed to the narwhal. "His name is Nehemiah. Look at that horn of his."

"Nobody would want to mess with him," said Filemon. Judge Jennifer whistled. "No M'am!" piped Bingo. Edwina added, "No Sir!"

Agathe continued. "This is Noah the Nyala. His horns are nothing to kid around either. And this sleepy looking Napoleon mastiff is Nalia. Toughest girl around. And, smart! The three are equal partners, but the other two let Nalia do the heavy thinking."

Agathe looked questioningly at each of her friends. Each nodded in answer.

"All right. It's agreed," said Agathe. "Nfinity x 3 Security will provide security services at the wedding."

"I wonder if they all have sweethearts," said Bingo. Her friends all giggled.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Max, The Monarch Butterfly Kaleidoscope

Hello Visitors from the Blogging from A to Z April 2018 Challenge. This post is for the weekly ABC Wednesday. You can find the letter D post for the April Challenge here
"Oooooh, Edwina, you'll never guess who just committed to do the decorations for Winnie's and Thomas' wedding," said Agathe the Aardvark from the archway of the rainbow gazebo at the Honalee Bay Gardens.

The egret looked up from a bridal magazine. She immediately became excited seeing the huge grin on the wedding planner. "Tell me! tell me! I can't even start guessing."

"It's a regal family who will enchant us all with their gossamer wings of hues of bright orange and black."

Edwina the Egret gasped. She jumped up and down. She clapped her wings with much delight. "The Max Family! Oh my! Maxine, Maximus, Maximilian, Maxima, Maxwell, Maxi, Imax, Max. . ."

"Yes, yes, the whole Max kaleidoscope of monarch butterflies. Because it's a July wedding we will most likely see a mix of second and third generation Max's draping themselves and spreading their wings at the site."

"I'm getting goose bumps," said Edwina.

"What we need to do tout de suite is plant a large number of milkweed plants," Agathe said. "I think Iago the Iguana would be the perfect one to manage that task. Will you ask him, Edwina?"

"He always seems to faint when he sees me."

"Iago will always say 'Yes' to you, my dear. Imagine the magnificence of the monarch butterflies at the wedding."

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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Leticia and the Ladybugs

"Leticia and the Ladybugs is my favorite of favorite bands," said Jennifer the Jack Rabbit. She wiggled into a more comfortable perch on one of Charlie's humps.

Bubba Byrd jumped up and down on Charlie's other hump. "How long now before the show starts?"

"Settle down, Bubba," said his sister Bingo who sat on Charlie's neck. She turned to the Bactrian camel, "Thanks so much Charlie for letting us sit on you."

"My pleasure, Bingo. I figure this is better than clinging to Ghandi's neck for a couple hours."

"Oh, Charlie, you silly guy," said Bingo, flying up to Charlie the Camel's head. "Yooo-hooo, Ghandi!"

She had to call up to Ghandi the Giraffe a few times before she caught his attention. He was all nerves. He was responsible for getting the band to sign the contract to play at Thomas' and Winnie's wedding. He said, "I hope they'll let us into the band's dressing room!"

"Relax, chum," said Charlie. "Just say 'The Wedding' to the guard and we're in. Everyone knows about the wedding."

Bingo nodded, adding, "Leticia has already promised Winnie that the band will play. Jennifer says the contract is just a formality."

"I guess a judge would know," said Ghandi, feeling better.

"Here they come! Here they come!" shouted Bubba, flying above Ghandi's head.

The audience clapped, stamped their feet, and cheered as a tiny little box on the stage lit up. "Leticia! Leticia! Ladybugs! Ladybugs! Ladybugs!"

"I told Leticia 'More cowbell!'" Charlie said to Ghandi. "You can never have enough cowbell."

"Without further ado, the Honalee Bay Theater presents. . ., " the announcer proclaimed as a large movie screen came down to fill up the stage, "Leticia and the Ladybugs!!!!!!"

There they were on the screen, 100x their tiny size, Leticia and the Ladybugs performing their popular song, The Ugly Bug Ball.  The crowd went wild.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Katja the Kookaburra

"Oooh, kedgeree is one of the special's today," said Edwina the Egret, reading a window sign as she followed Agathe into Katja's Kaffeeklatsch. "I didn't know the bakery also created savory items."

"Katja only started baking savory dishes recently," the aardvark said. "My favorite is her termite kreplach."

"You're in luck, Agathe," called Katja the Kookaburra from the counter. "The dough was kneaded 20 minutes ago. Let me take some termites out of the freezer and I'll be right with you. Sit over by Kalena the kitten, dears. Katie, kindly serve them whatever they want."

"You're the bee's knees, Katja! Thank you." Agathe turned to the koala and asked for a kombachu drink.

"I would like the krill and kimchee concoction, along with your kedgeree dish," Edwina said keenly.

As the two friends settled themselves around the table, Katja flew out of the kitchen and perched herself on the table. "Kudos to Winnie and Thomas!" the kookaburra trilled. "They are such kindred spirits. And, they are so romantic. Is it true that they sealed all of their invitations with a kiss?"

Agathe and Edwina nodded with big knowing grins. They helped stuff the envelopes.

"So, what would the sweethearts like for their wedding cake?" Katja baked the best cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and pretty much any kind of baked goods around. She was quite knowledgeable in all baked things vegan.

"They want a wedding dessert table," Agathe said. She and Edwina, the maid of honor, were helping Winnie and Thomas plan their wedding. 

"An assortment of vegan and non-vegetarian fare," added Edwina. "They know they want rice krispies. Everything else, they're open to suggestions."

Katja nodded, closing her eyes to think better. Kalena purred loudly while Katie set the drinks and food before the ladies.

From under knitted brows, Katja said, "Key lime pie. Kefir waffles. Kok, which is like a cream puff. Greek butter cookies called koulourakia. Have you heard of künefe? That's a Turkish dessert made with shredded phyllo dough and unsalted cheese."

"Yummmmmmm," Edwina and Agathe said, practically drooling.

"I can also make a kiwifruit cake with sprinkles made from kelp. I baked some today." Katja turned to the counter, "Katie, please bring us two slices of the cake."

Edwina and Agathe definitely drooled in anticipation.

K is the theme for week two of Round 22 of ABC Wednesday. Check out the meme here and the list of this week's participants here. Thank you much, ABCW team!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Judge Jennifer the Jack Rabbit

Knock, knock.

"Please enter," said Judge Jennifer, hanging up her judicial gown.

"That was quite a jaded case," Agathe the Aardvark said from the doorway. "You must be exhausted. We can do our jaunt another day."

"The walk will do me good," the jack rabbit said. "Just let me get my camera and phone and I shall be ready to go. Will Filemon be joining us?"

"He'll meet us at the meadow. He said he'll jet about and try to locate the tree before we get there."

"That jocular flying squirrel," jested Jennifer. Agathe giggled, then said, "Filemon does have a way of forgetting a job once he's in flight."

The walk from the courthouse to the meadow took longer than usual, but neither friend minded the slow pace at all. Agathe snacked on ants or termites that she found while Jennifer snapped photos of jackals drilling the street with jackhammers, juvenile jaguars jumping into a jeep, a Jesuit jogging up the jailhouse steps, two jabirus juggling jet skis, and rusty jambeau lying among jonquils.

"Tell me dear, would you rather be a judge or a photographer?"

"The latter, of course," replied Jennifer, clicking away at a joyful, jabbering jaybird. "I'm so happy that Winnie and Thomas asked me to be their wedding photographer. If this goes well, I might consider early retirement and become a jungle photographer."

"Her Honor, Judge Jennifer, the Jungle Photographer," Agathe said. "That has a jolly ring to it."

"I hope we can find their tree," said Jennifer as she waved joyfully at Filemon who sat on a junky jukebox that marked the entrance to the meadow.

"Winnie says it's off the path. She says jasmine or some kind of flowery vine grows up the tree."

Jennifer nodded. "Did she tell you that Thomas carved two hearts with their initials at the base of the tree?"

"Oh, he's the perfect joey for her!" exclaimed Agathe.

"It's about time you jills got here," joked Filemon. "I found the tree! Jenn, it's just the perfect spot to take Thomas' and Winnie's wedding portrait."

"Let's go then!" Agathe and Judge Jennifer, the soon to be Jungle Photographer, took off jogging down the meadow path with Filemon flying beside them.

J is the theme for week two of Round 22 of ABC Wednesday. Check out the meme here and the list of this week's participants here. Thank you much, ABCW team!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Iago the Iguana and the Invitation

We invite you
to jump for joy with us
on our wedding day,
Wednesday, June 27, 2018,
at the Honalee Bay Aquarium!
Winnie & Thomas

"Hey, Iago! I see you got your invitation," called Guy A. Gator to the iridescent iguana basking in the sun on the immense igneous boulder.

Iago opened one eye to watch his alligator friend indolently swagger towards him, clutching the heart-shaped invitation in his mouth.

"Going, are you?"

"Indubitably," Iago answered somewhat indifferently.

The iguana half-listened to Guy's incessant chatter. Iago yawned, idly gazing at the horizon. His eyes widened. He sat up straighter. Edwina the Egret, his imagined love, soared in the near distance.

Iago's heart beat faster as he watched the ingenious creature glide to a stop beside Guy.

"I figure since Thomas and Winnie are vegetarians, I'd grill their favorite veggies and cook them into my famous gumbo for the reception," said Guy in a tizzy.

"Oh, Guy," interrupted Edwina. "Their wedding is over three months away.

"Time flies by in an instant," said Guy. "Isn't that so, Iago?"

Iago nodded. He dared not talk. His voice might crack. Being near Edwina made him insanely nervous. And, incredibly giddy. To Iago, the irresistible egret would be his ideal companion. He thought her so intelligent, so imaginative, so intriguing, so . . . .

Iago inwardly shook himself to attention as Edwina spoke.

Fluffing her feathers with great pride, Edwina said, "Winnie has asked me to be her maid of honor."

Iago fainted. He will be Thomas' best man.

Oh, happy days! The ABC Wednesday creatures are excited to be part of Thomas and Winnie's wedding celebration. Stay tuned.

I is the theme for week two of Round 22 of ABC Wednesday. Check out the meme here and the list of this week's participants here. Thank you much, ABCW team!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Molly the Cat's Satisfying and Satisfactory Sunday Morning

Molly has asked that I tell you about her satisfying and satisfactory Sunday morning, and before breakfast, too.

Molly and I were deadheading daisies in the front yard. Molly is the supervisor, in case you're wondering. About 20 minutes into clipping soggy dried daisy heads (we had rain—yay!) I glanced up to see Molly sitting with her body tensely taut and intently watching the flamingo. From my angle, Molly and the faded artificial bird seemed to be in a stare down.

Five minutes later, I noticed that Molly had moved halfway closer to Albert. That's the flamingo's name I've decided.

Three minutes ticked by: Molly was in stealth hunter's mode. She quickly and quietly tiptoed around me and crept into the bushes to (no doubt) ambush Albert from behind.

I wonder who was surprised more—Albert or Molly.

That was not the end to Molly satisfactory morning adventure. No m'ams and sirs.

Ten minutes later, I was planting tiny daisy branches (in hopes they'll grow) beneath the tree when a yowl broke through my zen. Racing down the side cement path was a fat orange tabby with Molly a couple feet behind her. Whooooooooooosh! 

Just as Molly rounded the corner, off the property, I shouted in what I hoped was a better-listen-to-me voice, "MOLLY!" With my knees which the doctors say no longer have cartilage, I wouldn't have been able to. . .you get the picture.

I couldn't believe it: The girl stopped in mid-flight. She literally screeched to a halt with sound effects, eeeeeeeeeerrk. She locked eyes with me, then peered down the sidewalk. It's almost like she shrugged and muttered, "Not worth it."

She walked up the cement path like a triumphant little lion, stopping a few feet where she turned and stared at the corner, making sure that four-footed prowler dared not return. Once she was content, she sauntered back to Albert where she sniffed the daisies next to him.

Yup, our Molly the Lion had a rather satisfying and satisfactory morning.

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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Hazel the Hula Dancing Hammerhead Shark

"Hello, Hazel here," said the happy-go-lucky hammerhead shark into her phone.

"Winnie! How are you? What's happening?"

"Is that Winnie? Is it true about her and Thomas?" called Davey from across the dressing room. She and her brothers Dicky and Danny swam over and hovered closely by.

"Hopping high, you say. . .Huh, say that again? The Daffodils are being quite hyper right now. . .

"We are not!" said Danny, splashing a bit huffily.   "Shhh," Dicky said to his brother.

"Hoooo Hooo Hoooo!" Hazel turned to the triplets. "Winnie and Thomas are getting hitched."

"Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!"

Hard pounding knocks on the dressing room door hushed the performers. Through the door, they heard "Five minutes to show time!"

"Winnie, we are so very happy for you!. . .Can you hear the Daffodils? They're all heedless with joy. . . Honey, the show is about to start. Let me call . . .Really? You want me to perform the Hawaiian Wedding Song dance?. . .I would be honored to do the hula for you and Thomas at your wedding. I'm humbled. . .Yes, yes, I'll call you tonight. Give your sweetheart a huge 'hear-hear' from us. Love you!"

Hazel and the Daffodils hugged each other, hardly containing their joy. They twirled harum-scarum around each other as they headed out the door for their first performance of the day at the Honalee Bay Aquarium.

Oh, happy days! A wedding celebration is on the horizon for the ABC Wednesday creatures. Stay tuned.

H is the theme for week two of Round 22 of ABC Wednesday. Check it out here. Thank you much, ABCW team!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Gentle Grousing with Ghandi and Guy

Note: That's the French pronunciation of Guy, said like ghee, a kind of clarified butter.
That said, on with this week's tale for ABC Wednesday.
* * *

"Guy, you'll tear that guide yet," said Ghandi the Gamekeeper, glancing over at Guy A. Gator the Grill Chef, who was whipping not-so-gladly through Gator Cuisine. Ghandi laid a three of hearts down on his game of solitaire.

Guy slapped his hand on a page so vehemently the gin-mill of a bar went silent for a glued second. Guy growled. Or, was it more of a groan? "Look at this!"

Ghandi leaned over the gator's shoulder and read aloud, "The Greatest Gator Gumbo!"

Ghandi grazed Guy's shoulder lightly and gingerly, so the big guy knew that the giraffe was in his corner. "Humans and their follies," said Ghandi.

The two good friends raised their glasses in the air, took a long gulp of martini, gibbered, then sighed.

"Today, a human wanted a special order of gator gumbo," grumped Guy.

"How did you set her straight?"

"I presented myself at her table, bowed, and gently stated 'Madame, I am very sorry. It is our policy to forgo the serving of alligator meat. Please choose another dish.' The waiters told me that I turned about with so much grandioso and gravitas, the customer genuflected behind me."

Ghandi guffawed and snorted while Guy grinned and guzzled more martini.

"How was your day, mi trés grand ami, with the games?" Guy asked after Ghandi's last giggle.

"The grass is no greener on my side. At least today," griped Ghandi. "Bingo and Bubba Byrd spent hours at the putting green on the mezzanine. They were gabbing and gossiping the whole time. After they left, it took forever to scrape their poop off the fake grass."

"A gamekeeper's job is never done, from rising to setting sun," toasted Guy. Ping went their glasses as they touched.

Ghandi continued his grievance, "Charlie the Camel galloped in today. Do you know him?"

"He is a gigantic consumer of our vegan gumbo," Guy gushed proudly.

"Charlie is also a ginormous pinball game fanatic. He does his best to share, but once he gets going, he bogarts the pinball machine and I hear grumbles and groans from the other animals. And, Charlie is a rambunctious gamester, gyrating like Elvis and gurgling when he wins and growling when he doesn't. He grips the machine so tightly that gashes in the wood and glass have started to appear."

"Thank goodness the only creatures waiting a turn were Filemon the Flying Squirrel and Edwina the Egret. After playing a game of Life, they gave up on Charlie and went outdoors to glide to and from between the building's gables, which they know they are not to do."

"Golly, it does sound like a lot of fun," said Guy, glowing from his second martini. He raised his glass. "As the original Ghandi said, 'Hate the sin, love the sinner.'"

"He had such a gracious way of saying things," said Ghandi the Gamekeeper, clinking his glass to Guy's. "'In a gentle way, you can shake the world.'"

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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Filemon the Flying Squirrel's First Flight

Filemon the Flying Squirrel fixed his goggles fairly on his face. He took a few deep breaths to steady his fraught nerves. Really, truly, he repeated to himself, he had nothing to fear. So said his friends Bingo and Bubba Byrd who sat beside him.

"Filemon, flying is what you are about," said Bingo, patting his shoulder.

What if it isn't?" fretted Filemon.

"Dude, you're feeling first-time jitters," Bubba said. "I was awfully fidgety before my first flight. But when I took my first hop into flight, oh my folly golly jolly. I was all fat smiles. My wings flung widely. I floated in sunshine. It was fantastic, Filemon!"

Filemon found himself feeling quite calm.

"Filemon! Filemon! Filemon!"

The flying squirrel searched the ground below for the source of the faint cries. There, near the shoreline were his friends jumping up and down on the beach and waving funny red signs.

"Filemon!" cheered Agathe the Aardvark. Following her was Edwina the Egret, "Filemon!" and not to be outdone was Charlie the Camel, "Filemon!"

"Look who also made it for your inaugural flight," said Bingo, pointing her red sign towards the sea.

Leapfrogging beside their huge red sign were the Daffodil triplets—Davey and her two brothers Dicky and Danny. Filemon could't hear them, but he knew they, too, were shouting cheers of encouragment.

My friends are far-out fabulous! thought Filemon. He nodded to the Byrds. "I'm ready."

"We'll count you off," said Bingo. Filemon took one more deep breath as he got into take-off position.

"Five!" Bubba began.

"Fifteen!" continued Bingo.

"Five hundred fifty-five!" Filemon shouted, taking his first step into flight. "Ffffwwweeeeeeeeee!"

"Hurrah, Hurrah! Hurrah, Hurrah!" shouted the Byrds from the tree, the Daffodils from the sea, and the trio of Agathe, Edwina, and Charlie from the ground below.  "Fly, Filemon, Fly!"

Filemon felt so alive! His heart was filled with so much frabjous joy and love. Filemon called down to all his favorite buddies, "Thank you, thank you for your friendship! Happy Valentine's Day!"

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Friday, February 9, 2018

On Alert

While Molly was chewing on grass this morning, someone coasted to a stop in front of our house. Molly quickly came to attention.  She watched the woman park, get out of her car, and walk across the street. Midway, the woman turned back to her car. Molly, who probably thought the stranger was heading into our yard, zooooooooomed past me and into the house. So much for Molly the Guard Cat.

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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Edwina the Ecru Egret

On the 88th floor of the Earhart edifice, Edwina the Ecru Egret pressed the down button to the elevator.

She was exhausted. She had spent the last hour consulting with a career expert. "You have enormous empathy for your fellow egrets," the counselor evoked enthusiastically. "You would excel exceedingly well in educational counseling."

Edwina sighed. How could she help others when editing her own life was sometimes an elegiac effort? Perhaps she ought to be an eyelet punch operator.

The elevator doors opened.

"Edwina, my darling girl!"

"Agathe!" the ecru egret exulted. "How was Europe?"

The two old friends hugged and kissed.

"Europe was enchanting," Agathe the Aaardvark exclaimed. "I must go pay this electrical bill. Could you wait for me? Maybe have lunch?"

Edwina had no other engagement so Agathe expressed herself down the hall and was back at the elevator in no time at all.

"I love your hat, Edwina. So chic." Agathe examined it closely. "Isn't that an Eastern Imperial eagle feather?"

"Yes, it's from Edgar," said Edwina, tears slipping from her eyes.

Agathe patted the egret, thinking, "Unrequited love. So excruciating."

"Darling," said Agathe ever so gently, "I ran into Edgar in the European Green Belt."

"How is he?" Edwina's eyes shined with enchantment.

"He is well, as is his wife and their new eaglet."

Edwina dropped her head. "I didn't even know he was engaged."

"It's for the better," Agathe said. "Long distance relationships are easier said than done."

Edwina sighed, then reached deeply into herself to extract a smile. "Come, Agathe," she said energetically. "Let's go toast your homecoming with Espresso martinis and bounce to some Bruno Mars."

"That's my girl," said Agathe.

The elevator arrived at the 88th floor. As the two old friends entered the lift, Edwina asked, "Did you know Charlie the Camel entered a cable car bell ringing contest? And, the Daffodil triplets are disco dancing again?"

The elevator doors closed on the old friends' evocative giggles, chortles, and snorts.

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